The 2017 Benson Open

August 12, 2017

It's back with a bang! The 2017 Benson Open with Hamilton Loomis

Dear Family, Friends and Any other poor soul that reads this!

Holy $%&@! Can you believe we have now reached the 20th Benson Open? What started out as a way to get my “lame-ass” friends to leave Chicago and visit me in the suburbs has turned into an annual summer event! For those that don’t know the history, my first house was on golf course in Gurnee, IL. Unfortunately, that was 45 minutes Northwest of Chicago and deemed “the sticks” by my friends. Somehow when I told them I was having a golf tournament on the course, they were much more eager to come. The event was a success, as we had 20 participants and a lot of fun. We then went back to my house for the celebration. Big Mistake! After having pizza, beer and human races around the house for big money, I realized the after-party should always be outsourced.

We had some wonderful events the following 6 years, capped by our biggest golf turnout of 48 people in 1999. After moving to Oregon in late 1999, the tournament had a brief resurrection in 2002. Life, surgeries and other circumstances caused another brief hiatus until 2006, when we got it going again. This will be the 12th consecutive year, with Trysting Tree now becoming the permanent host.

Some other great facts about The Benson Open that should amaze everyone are:

•We have golfed on 7 different courses (3 in Illinois, 4 in Oregon) and have never been asked not to return.

•We have distributed Benson Open shirts, warm-up jackets, and lunch-boxes for 19 events.

•Over 250 different golfers have participated over the years. I have never seen more 2x and 3x shirts in my life.

•We have Four 4x Champions (Wes McDonald, Scott Benson, Chad Weaver, and Brent Babbit). Yes I fix the teams when needed!

•In a sign of the times, we allowed women entry for the first time in 2012 (We had last minute drop-outs and I needed the money).

•Had the award-winning Ty Curtis band play a memorable concert for us in 2015. That occurred on the same day as my 48th birthday and we had a turnout of just under 100 people for the dinner and concert. Even Daryl Kingsmill was dancing.

This year I decided to step it up one more time by inviting a true Texas musician, Hamilton Loomis, to come play for us. Jenny and I have seen him several times when he’s passed through Portland and he’s amazed us every time with his guitar, vocal and harmonica skills. The band also has an amazing saxophonist who has a smooth sound. I would classify them as a rock, blues, soul and funk band, if that helps at all. He will be playing for 3 weeks in England prior to making his trip out west, so clearly he has skills. A link to his website is listed in the menu, where you can learn more about his time playing with Bo Diddley.

This truly has become a big event in my life, as it allows me to see all of my favorite people in one place. Time seems to stand still when I’m sharing and hearing memories with new and old friends. I promise a great night of food, music and dance will be had. I hope you can make it!

Scott Benson, Tournament Director

Please pay with credit, debit, or PayPal account!! This allows us to keep our counts up to date for catering and tee-times. Please help us out here, because this does not require relying on Scott's memory. Trying to add or subtract people on gameday makes Scott stressed, and it's his birthday, so we can't have that!! So pay up on PayPal!.

$110.00 gets Golf, Barbecue, The Official Benson Open Shirt, and a Private Concert!!! Dinner starts at 5:00, Hamilton Loomis starts at 7:00

$50.00 gets Barbecue and a Private Party. Dinner starts at 5:00, Hamilton Loomis starts at 7:00. Count me in!!